Stream of Consciousness

I woke up and felt the need to write, so here I am.  I haven’t written a consistent blog in a long time, and I look back on when I did – and I hardly even remember the person who was writing. It’s funny, actually, because I KNOW that I’m the writer, and I have […]

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Thailand – Part 8

I decided it was better-suited to write a blog on my website, because I don’t want to be tied to Facebook all the time. I’m guilty of that A LOT, as you might or might not know. Good for Bajillionaire McZuckerberger for inventing and propagating an addiction. I wish I was addicted to eating healthy […]

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Thailand - Part 7

Thailand – Part 7

Hello again. Long time no read. Work and life have gotten in the way of my writing as of late, so I hope none of you were holding your breath until this next note.   As you last read, I had just gotten back from the elephant sanctuary. Fun experience. I got dropped off back […]

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Thailand - Part 6

Thailand – Part 6

I took a hiatus, as you can see. Bo has been waking me up multiple times a night for some reason – I think it’s just to make sure I’m still alive – because when I wake up, I’ll start my day and then he just goes back to sleep. What a dick. Last night, […]

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Thailand – Part 5

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to write these because a) I want to make sure I write down and remember every detail of every moment (except for the food poisoning) of my trip to Thailand, and b) each time I write, I want to be back there…rather than writing about it.   I’ve been back to […]

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Thailand – Part 4

It’s occurring to me that at this rate, I’m going to have about 13 parts to this story. Admittedly, this is more for me to be able to remember, so the copious amounts of information is beneficial to my ever-aging brainparts, so I won’t be offended if you go glassy eyed (if you haven’t already!) […]

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Thailand - Part 3

Thailand – Part 3

After a lovely motorbikin-son-of-a-bike kind of day, we decided to get some food at a little tiny restaurant up the road called “Mama Piyawan” and here’s a picture of Mama in front of a wall of worldly thank you notes she’s received for her delicious meals. When you’re good to Mama, Mama’s pad see ew. […]

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Thailand - Part 2

Thailand – Part 2

My trip officially started on March 9th. After a full, full day of travel on the 8th, I didn’t do much other than check Koh San Road off the list in Bangkok, and GET to Koh Tao, so I consider the 9th day one.   Big Blue Diving was officially my home for the next […]

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Thailand – Part 1

I wanted to write down everything I can remember from my trip to Thailand, so I can re-read it in a few months when I decide I want to go back…or in a few years, when I decide I want to move there. Inevitably, I’ll forget things, but I’m going to do my best to […]

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