The Groundlings Advanced Lab Shows

I’m extremely excited at how well my Advanced Lab Shows at The Groundlings went on June 1st, and July 13th. What an intense 12-week writing class! I feel honored to have been a part of such a talented group of writer/performers.

Ground Rules
Writers: Ryan Kolbe and Ben Lepley

Writer: Ryan Kolbe

There’s Hope
Writers: Ryan Kolbe and Susan Song

Morning Ritual
Writer: Ryan Kolbe

Perfect Pitch
Writers: Ryan Kolbe, Susan Song, Ben Lepley

No Time to Explain
Writers: Ryan Kolbe, Bobby Quinn Rice

Tidbit for the Day
Writer: Ryan Kolbe

A Whole New World
Writer: Ryan Kolbe

Ride or Die
Writers: Ryan Kolbe, Sandi McCree

Southern Charm
Writers: Ryan Kolbe, Alice Macdonald