Back in October, Southwest had a really good deal for a trip from LA to Salt Lake City, so I decided to jump on it in the hopes that I could attend Sundance for the first time. Turns out that my brother and his friends were going to be in town at the same time […]

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Losing a Pet

It’s officially my last Bo post unless I change my mind and reminisce. If you don’t want to read the entire story (which I’d encourage you to, obviously, because my last few weeks have not been “normal” even in the scheme of things), cutting to the chase: Bo passed away peacefully this morning at around […]

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Probably Second to Last Bo Post

I might change my mind and write more, but I think people (me included) “get it.” It’s not going to be too long for Bo, now, unfortunately. I can’t say I feel like writing, but on the other hand, I really really do want to write – so that’s what I’m doing. I’m “getting it […]

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More Bo

As you can imagine, nowadays Bo is pretty much at the center of my thoughts. With all the shit going on in the world, it feels petty to post something like this, but if I write about it, it tends to help clear my head just a little. Plus, I haven’t written a blog about […]

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Bo Update

Hi again. Thanks for all the support and thoughts and vibes and prayers and whatnot from my last post. This is a bit cathartic for me, so it’s very much appreciated that you’ve all paid attention and reached out and cared. Anymore, it seems that people don’t really do a lot of either side of […]

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This is going to be a weird one – which might end up leading to multiple weird ones, unfortunately. If you’re not in the mood for something sad, just FYI, this is going to be kinda sad.  Since about a month before I went to Thailand, Bo was acting weird sporadically. He’d wake me up […]

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Stream of Consciousness

I woke up and felt the need to write, so here I am.  I haven’t written a consistent blog in a long time, and I look back on when I did – and I hardly even remember the person who was writing. It’s funny, actually, because I KNOW that I’m the writer, and I have […]

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Thailand – Part 8

I decided it was better-suited to write a blog on my website, because I don’t want to be tied to Facebook all the time. I’m guilty of that A LOT, as you might or might not know. Good for Bajillionaire McZuckerberger for inventing and propagating an addiction. I wish I was addicted to eating healthy […]

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Thailand – Part 7

Hello again. Long time no read. Work and life have gotten in the way of my writing as of late, so I hope none of you were holding your breath until this next note.   As you last read, I had just gotten back from the elephant sanctuary. Fun experience. I got dropped off back […]

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Thailand – Part 6

I took a hiatus, as you can see. Bo has been waking me up multiple times a night for some reason – I think it’s just to make sure I’m still alive – because when I wake up, I’ll start my day and then he just goes back to sleep. What a dick. Last night, […]

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