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Guest House Renovation

Progress is coming along with the guest house renovation. Adding collar ties in order to raise the ceiling really opened up the space.


Back in October, Southwest had a really good deal for a trip from LA to Salt Lake City, so I decided to jump on it in the hopes that I could attend Sundance for the first time. Turns out that… Read More »Sundance

Losing a Pet

It’s officially my last Bo post unless I change my mind and reminisce. If you don’t want to read the entire story (which I’d encourage you to, obviously, because my last few weeks have not been “normal” even in the… Read More »Losing a Pet

More Bo

As you can imagine, nowadays Bo is pretty much at the center of my thoughts. With all the shit going on in the world, it feels petty to post something like this, but if I write about it, it tends… Read More »More Bo

Bo Update

Hi again. Thanks for all the support and thoughts and vibes and prayers and whatnot from my last post. This is a bit cathartic for me, so it’s very much appreciated that you’ve all paid attention and reached out and… Read More »Bo Update