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Hello again. It’s Friday night here, December 2nd. “How is it December already?” Says everyone in the states. I’m happy it’s December. I have 73 work days left. I get one day off a week, and the other 6, I… Read More »Volunteering


Hi there. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve had the energy to write an update. There’s a lot to that sentence that I won’t really bore you with. But I’m here, it’s 8:23am on Saturday, November 20th, and I’ve… Read More »Adventures


This’ll give you a little insight into how crazy difficult it is getting down here. You know, from my previous post, that the first time we tried flying down, we didn’t make it off the runway. I say that THANKFULLY… Read More »Boomerang

Attempt Number One

What a morning. Last night, 007 style, we got our marching orders for this morning. Paper-under-the-door type information slid to us. Felt pretty cool. In the scheme of things, it wasn’t really. We were in a meeting yesterday that said… Read More »Attempt Number One