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This’ll give you a little insight into how crazy difficult it is getting down here. You know, from my previous post, that the first time we tried flying down, we didn’t make it off the runway. I say that THANKFULLY we didn’t make it off the runway. Due to a number of factors, the group that was supposed to come after us (a day or so), they’ve been pushed back and pushed back and they were scheduled to arrive today. We got notification this morning that the plane had left (they were using a different plane than we were, I’m told). So a number of my coworkers were very understandably sad and upset that these friends that they had made (most of my coworkers now have been here for a couple months) were leaving. They said their goodbyes and the people got on the bus and the plane was set to arrive and VERY close to arrival, the crew decided that they had to head back home. For whatever reason, the plane had to go back to Christchurch after being in the air already for several hours. Of course it’s better to be safe than sorry, but whew, what a day. Ups and downs all day.

But today was my first solo shift as a Dining Attendant Lead. My coworkers – again – have been here for a while, and so they all know more than I do at this point, but I’m learning. They seem to be pretty great. Hard workers who give the right amount of shit about their job. I’m starting to learn more about them, which I always enjoy. I’m also living the lavish life I’m sure you’ve all dreamed of – washing pots, pans, and dishes when people need help or when I want to get away. Honestly, it’s great. The expectations on me are more reserved than I have for myself, which makes it easy to be in a good mood at work. The rest of the community is pretty nice and I’ve started to meet some cool people and have a few connections.

Case in point, I was meeting some coworkers at the bar the other night – yes there’s a bar – and I was just sitting by myself at the bar for a minute as I drank a beer and observed my surroundings and people watched. For what it’s worth, I’m surprised at the selection – Sculpin, Voodoo Ranger, Sierra Nevada, Fat Tire, etc. Much better than I thought it would be – although I dare not look at the “best by” dates on some of them. Anywho, waiting at the bar and a woman a couple seats away just said “are you new?” and we started a very pleasant conversation. As my friend, Hank, says – I’m a “slow burn, not a firework” so I tend to be a little more introverted at first in new new situations, but the people here seem to be open to random questions and conversations pretty quickly, which I jive with pretty wholeheartedly.

Life’s good so far. Learning the ropes. Learning how to deal with a broken dishwasher at the bottom of the earth. Also, I figured out posting – so check out my instagram at kolberyan if you don’t already. You know, it’ll show typical Antarctica stuff. Be well!

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  1. Ha! She was just being nice. The ratio of men to women is something like 3 to 1 though, so the women have their pick.

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