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Friday, March 29, 2024

I definitely won’t be writing every day. At least I can’t say I think I will. Maybe for A journal, but not THIS one. Alas, day two.

I have never been a “gym” guy. There have been a few times in my life during which I went to the gym regularly. Once was when I was living in Cincinnati. I would go to the gym early in the morning because it was relatively close, and nobody would be in there at that time. The second was on the way to my job when I was the GM of the brewery. There was a Planet Fitness and they ran some deal that was like $1 a month, so I did that for quite a while. I’ve never been terribly in shape, aside from maybe high school when I was playing soccer all the time, but I’ve also never been terribly out of shape. I have one of those types of bodies where I’m tall, so even when I’m out of shape, you can’t really tell because clothes. On the flip side, if I’m ever really IN shape, you also can’t tell. I’m fortunate that I don’t fluctuate too much, but I think I, like everyone, would really benefit from a full time chef.

I bring up the gym because Scott and I finished creating a gym for our staff. It’s in the barn, where I lived for two seasons, and last year, there were a number of people who were working out in the barn often, and we have equipment that is available to use, but up until now – there was just open space between where people are living in the barn rooms, and the area for the equipment. So we built walls, did lighting and electrical and heat, and really made it look nice. I ordered some of that squishy gym flooring so I’ll put that down when it comes in, but it’s right below where we have a bunch of storage upstairs in the barn, so now I need to go up and clear a lot of that stuff so that dust doesn’t rain down on the people working out. I might do that tomorrow. We’ll see.

I really just decided to write this so that I could stay awake until after 10pm. Now I’m tired, so I’m going to go to bed. Oh, and I finished Tools of Titans this morning. My takeaways: a) if you have been wanting to do something forever, just stop NOT doing it. I’m the only one who controls my actions and thoughts, and I can make myself do a thing. and b) I can also choose to be positive. I try to do this always, but there are some times when it’s a struggle. I have the ability to choose / see / look for the positive in a given situation or conversation. I’m not doing justice to the book, and I took notes in it – so maybe I’ll write another blog with those notes and why I chose to keep them…but that’s for another night.

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