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Bo Update

Hi again.

Thanks for all the support and thoughts and vibes and prayers and whatnot from my last post. This is a bit cathartic for me, so it’s very much appreciated that you’ve all paid attention and reached out and cared. Anymore, it seems that people don’t really do a lot of either side of this – the sharing “hard stuff” and the reaching out genuinely part…so I really do appreciate it. It means a lot. 

That said, I got some more tough news yesterday on my way back from visiting my parents for the 4th in Ohio. I was sitting in the airport in Columbus, about 30 minutes away from boarding my flight, and the vet’s assistant called and asked to confirm my email address…which they absolutely have – so I knew it wasn’t great news. After that confirmation, they said to call the doc after I read everything as he’d like to talk to me about his recommendations and options. 

Long and short of it is that it’s not too good. There were 15 things they checked, and 9 of them are “abnormal.” I won’t get into those things here because after a call today, the doc let me know that some of those are just “12-year-old dog” abnormal, and some of them have to do with the tumor on his liver. That’s where some more clarity came out. Turns out it’s two tumors on different sides. The one that’s the big – literally and figuratively – issue…turns out it’s 11.3 by 15.1 by 11.8 cm large. On his liver. There’s a little internal bleeding, but the doc said for a tumor that large, it’s not abnormal to have a little bloodflow within the tumor. 

He then told me my options. My gut told me that it’s a “maintain a healthy, happy pup as long as he can be one, and then let him go” but I was anxious to hear the docs reco. He said something along the lines of “if you wanted to do surgery, I just have to tell you that it’s a very, very intrusive surgery at a specialist, and we’re looking at $8-$10k just for the surgery. After that, it’s potentially multiple blood transfusions, chemo, and a lot of trips in and out of the hospital.” Well, I have a credit card and could make that happen, but I don’t want the last part of Bo’s life to be in and out of hospitals. That’s for sure. I asked the doc what his reco would be if it was his dog, and he essentially echoed my thoughts. He’s known Bo for 6+ years, and he’s been awesome, and he knows how well I take care of Bo, and he basically said that he’d be happy to do whatever I want, but did I want to have Bo in and out of hospitals, or do I want to spoil the hell out of him for the next however long he has? I choose the latter.

I asked what happens if the tumor ruptures. He said that if that were to happen, Bo would noticeably slow down even more than he is right now, and although he wouldn’t be in too much pain, he’d be uncomfortable, and that’s not the type of thing that can be recovered from. He also mentioned that the possibility of rupture would be there even if they took a sample of the tumor if I were to choose to do the $8-$10k surgery. I also asked, with the understanding that he’s a busy doctor with a lot of priorities, that if it would be possible – I’d like him to be there when it gets to a time when it’s time for Bo to go. He said he’d absolutely be there, and to call, or email, or anything and he’d make sure he’d be there. Then he walked me through exactly what would happen, whenever I choose for that if it comes to that.

Doc said Bo might make it 6 months. Knowing Bo, that might mean a year because he’s a stubborn old fart. Ideally, I’d like him to make it past September, because mom and dad are coming out to California for a trip, and I’d like them to see him before he kicks the bucket. I’m calling my shot, but he’s officially going to be a service dog by that point because their hotel only allows them. #Amazon #dontcare

Suffice it to say, I’ve been a bit emotional today. I’ll probably be a bit emotional in the coming days/weeks/months? Right now, he’s laying on the ground sleeping like the big dumb dog he is, and nowadays, he lets me cuddle the hell out of him whenever I want. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I don’t care that he wakes me up anymore. I literally embrace it. I’m gonna miss his stank ass breath at eye level at 5 in the morning at some point. 

Positive vibes appreciated. Here’s hoping he makes it through September. I’ll update more as I have more feels. 

2 thoughts on “Bo Update”

  1. Oh honey! Sadly I’ve walked this walk too many times. Hold him, love him, spoil your boy! I’m crying for you. Sending happy vibes & prayers your way!

  2. Hey, Ryan. I’m very sorry to hear about Bo. Pudge is also 12 and I never take a day with him for granted. Enjoy the heck out of your time together. There’s just nothing like it.

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